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SafeNow™ Drawer & Cabinet Lock for Kids (10-Pack)

SafeNow™ Drawer & Cabinet Lock for Kids (10-Pack)

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Make The House Safer For Children.

Imagine this.. your little one is playing in the living room or kitchen while you decide to leave for a brief moment.

5 minutes later the floor is one big mess, because he/she was oh so curious to see what was in all those drawers and decided to take it all out!

Or even worse, he decides to climb the drawers making the cabinet tip-over! He could also get exposed to the toxic cleaning products inside the kitchen cabinet, creating a very dangerous situation.. who knows what could happen!

Luckily the SafeNow™ Drawer & Cabinet Lock will make sure your kids are protected from that! It will prevent kids from opening drawers, cabinets, refrigator doors etc.. While they are still being easy to open for mommy and daddy!



Very easy to install, just peel off the adhesive and place it where you want! Keep your little ones safe and prevent being surprised by a big mess. Use on cabinets, drawers, refrigator door, microwave and more!


  • ✅Prevent Exposure To Toxic Chemicals
  • ✅Makes Sure There Is No Mess
  • ✅Easy To Open For Adults
  • ✅Simple Installation 

NOTE: NOT for use on oven doors, stoves, doors or as a window lock.



What You Get:

10x Kids Safety Drawer Lock


Baby-proof your home with the Drawer & Cabinet Lock to ensure safety for the whole family!

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