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GT Tactical Survival Watch (6 in 1)

GT Tactical Survival Watch (6 in 1)

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Are you prepared for the Wilderness?

This Practical and Stylish Multi-Function Survival Watch is a MUST HAVE item that WILL ensure you’re always prepared!

This versatile Survival Paracord Watch is extremely useful when it comes to any outdoor activity. In addition to the Aesthetic looks that this watch provides. It also serves multiple functions that will enhance your outdoor experience on many different levels. It is extremely handy for you to take it anywhere you go!


Multi-Function - 6 in 1 Survival Tool:

  • Bracelet Watch (Resizable)
  • Compass (Finding your way)
  • Whistle (Signal rescuers)
  • Thermometer
  • Flint and Steel (Fire Starter)
  • Paracord (3 Meter rescue Rope)


Suitable for camping, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


**PLEASE NOTE** Due to recent safety regulations at international customs we CANNOT include the flint.