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BellyWear™ Maternity Pants Extender

BellyWear™ Maternity Pants Extender

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Imagine wearing your own clothes when you're pregnant. Those favourite jeans, that smart suit, those designer skirts. Now you can enjoy your own clothes when pregnant with the BellyWear™ Maternity Pants Extender!

  • One of the quickest and cheapest ways to expand your maternity wardrobe - wear your own jeans, pants or skirts!
  • Strong quality elastic means it offers just the right resistance.
  • Environmentally conscious - get maximum use from garments you already have


As seen on Channel 7’s Today Tonight, Better Homes and Gardens, Your Business, Sunrise; Channel 10’s Mornings with Kerri-Anne; Channel 9’s Morning Show as well as in Pregnancy & Birth, Your Pregnancy, Mother and Baby and Cosmo Pregnancy magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Manly Daily.


How long can I wear it? 
Each pregnancy is different, but BellyWear™ can be worn by some women until they go into labour! It depends on how your pregnancy progresses and what's in your wardrobe already. Stretchy or slightly larger clothes (to accommodate a growing bottom and legs) maximise the wear you'll get from your BellyWear™. If your BellyWear™ feels uncomfortable in any way, we suggest you go up to the next belt size, or discontinue wearing.

How about garments that fasten at the back? 
Back fastening skirts and trousers can be worn with BellyWear™, but not for as long as front or side fastening garments. Sometimes the skirt can be spun around so the back sits at the front, which can increase the usability of BellyWear™. Regardless of where your garments fasten, most clothes can be adapted into maternity wear with BellyWear™.

BellyWear™ works with skirts, pants, jeans and shorts that fasten with buttons and buttonholes OR slide or clasp fasteners on the waistband.