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PrimitiveX™ Emergency Phone Charger

PrimitiveX™ Emergency Phone Charger

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A Single Phone Call Could Save Your Life.

Imagine yourself being lost in the woods alone with only your phone. You want to call somebody to get back but you find out your battery died and you have no charger or powerbank.. What would you do?

With the PrimitiveX™ Emergency Phone Charger you will never have to worry, because you can charge your phone manually without a need for external power! A single 3 minute charge will give you a good 10 minute call or 5-8 hours of standby time.




  • Universal Design: The built-in USB interface allows easy connection to all sorts of USB devices.
  • Compact and Reliable: The device is lightweight and compact. Perfect for generating the power needed to make a quick call or send a text message..
  • Emergency Use: No worries if you’re running out of power or if you forget to recharge the power bank during hiking, travel or emergency situations.
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This tool should be in everyone's emergency kit whenever you go on a trip.

So never be out of battery again and get your PrimitiveX™ Emergency Phone Charger now!

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